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System XIP, without access control


System XIP, with keypad


System XIP, with fob reader


These 3 options are available with 4 panel styles (see below). There are two IP monitors, the 5"  XTS 5IP and the 7"  XTS 7IP. 

We show the common 1 and 2 button sets, but panels can be built with over 20 buttons. 


System XIP wiring


XIP is full IP wiring using Cat5 cable, not to be mistaken for the two wire X1. With XIP,  you can use any ethernet bridge to carry the signal wirelessly. 

Panels have a camera module by default, but can have an audio module with an external camera.

Panels are waterproof. Large screen monitors make the HDR resolution more important.

XIP is standard IP wired.   You can use any ethernet bridge  

WIRE A -  use Cat.5 or better. XTS 7IP monitors have a built in Wifi connection to the home router

WIRE B - The power supply is 18Vdc on 2 cores. Use 1mm, or Cat5 doubled up. 

WIRE C - this should be rated to suit the lock. We recommend at least 1mm. Check the power rating of the power supply is sufficient for the lock.

System X1 + Wifi wiring


A simpler way to connect intercom calls to a sartphone is to use a Wifi enabled monitor. The XTS7 wifi monitor can be added to a new or existing X1 video system.

Only one monitor per household needs to be Wifi enabled. The cloud server can connect each smartphone to only one Wifi monitor, and each monitor can call up to 4 smartphones simultaneously.

Panel styles


MTM modular are available in anodised aluminium or VR black. The VRW and VRM are stainless steel panels.

All are available with embedded wall boxes or surface mounting housings.



MTM panels are modular. The frame size is for 1, 2 , or 3 modules.

Standard panel amd frame finish is natural anodised aluminium.



The MTM VR panels are still modular, but made more vandal resistant fitting into a thicker module frame.

Parts are cast in Zamak, a recycled aluminium, then finished in black.



VRW have standard call buttons with name plate windows. VRM panels have call buttons without nameplates.

Panels are a single piece to fit into standard sizes housings. 


Monitor styles


There are two IP monitor styles, XTS and Futura. There is also a handsfree audio receiver in the Perla range.

All require wiring with Cat.5 cable or better. They are all PoE, which means that they can be powered from a suitable switch or router via the data cable.

XTS 7IP has a built in Wifi interface so it can connect to the router wirelessly. This is particularly useful in apartment blocks, where the ethernet wiring to the entry panel belongs to the building.




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