Installation & programming manuals

MTMA/200 wiring

Wiring 1-10 button panels 

MTM programming

MTM audio and video panels

MTMDY display

Set scroll selector panel

MTMA/08  MTMV/08 

Setting IP system panels


Programming GSM module

MTMA/01  MTMV/01

Setting IP system panels

MTM keypad prog

Setting, add & delete key codes

MTM rfid programme 

Setting, add & delete fobs 


Programming the Storm AXS strikemaster keypad

VR keypad

Programming the BPT VR codelock

Monitors & handset manuals

XTS 5IP installation

IP video monitor installation 

XTS 5IP user manual 

IP video monitor instructions 

XTS 7 installation

X1 video monitor installation

XTS 7wifi user manual 

X1 video monitor instructions 

XTS 7IP installation

IP video monitor installation

XTS 7IP user manual 

Video monitor instructions 

PEV user instructions

User instructions PEV

OPALE user manual

Video monitor instructions 

AGATAkit C200

3+N wired AGATA C200 based audio kit installation manual


2 wired X1 AGATA based video kit installation manual 

Wiring schemes & dimensional drawings

System 200 wiring

Standard audio wiring 3+N 

MTM dimensions

Surface housing drawings for MTM and MTM VR panels

System X1 wiring

Two wire video wiring

VRW drawing

Surface housing drawings for VRW panels.

System XIP wiring

IP system wiring (ethernet) for audio or video

VRM drawing

Surface housing drawings for VRM panels.

System GSM wiring

GSM system wiring for audio on mobile phone network

XIP wiring options

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